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Frequently Asked Musical Theatre Questions

Why are the musicals "classes?"

Our productions are written specifically for our cast members.  Out program is to educate our students about musicals, plays, and movies in the most enjoyable manner possible.  During our rehearsals, our students learn singing, dancing, and acting techniques.  Our shows are not intended to copy original works, but are merely an educational review of the shows our students most enjoy.  We aim to instill a lifelong love of the performing arts into the hearts of all of our students.

What happens during a Spotlight Musical Theater audition?

All interested in auditioning need to be on time to the audition.  First, we gather all auditioning together, and seperate them into groups by age.  We "slate" and get to know each invididual.  We teach a short dance combination to each group for them to perform for us.  We file each child into a line to hear them sing a song they all know (normally "Happy birthday").  We ask who can tumble and/or tap dance (we try to utlize each child's talent in all of our productions.)  Then, we dismiss those who do not want to sing solo for us.  We try to make our auditions as painless as possible.  We do not want any teen or child to feel uncomfortable in any way.     

What do I have to prepare for a Spotlight Musical Theater audition?

Teens and children who want to be considered for a leading role need to prepare a short song (any song from any genre) to sing solo for us.  It is not required to sing a solo at auditions, and those who do not sing solo could still be considered for leading roles, but a solo song is recommended.  Children auditioning for the 3-9 year old musical theater productions (Tuesday afternoons) do not need to prepare a song.  A monologue is not required.    

Do I have to register and pay before my child auditions?

As our musical theater productions are a CLASS, registration and payment is due before the audition.  The audition is a "CASTING AUDITION" where we decide who is going to play each role.  However, if a child does not get cast (due to behavior issues or if we don't have a role available for them) we, of course, will refund all registration fees.  No teen or child will receive a role without being registered for the class.  Absolutely no refunds will be given after the show has been cast.  All parts are important.  We give each child a role in the musical we know will benefit their learning and where he/she will learn a lot.