Re-Opening Monday, June 15

We have been watching the Covid-19 numbers very closely over the past few weeks and seeking professional advice about when we should return to in-person learning. We have been advised that now is a good time to reopen. We are very excited to welcome our students back in our building starting on Monday, June 15 at the regularly scheduled times. We have been busy preparing our building for social distancing to keep everyone as safe as possible.  If you would prefer to continue classes via ZOOM, please just let us know so we can turn Zoom on for you.  We also have private lessons in person or online, if desired.

Ms Teresa has been on Prednisone for over 20 years, she is immunocompromised and at high risk so we need to be EXTRA CAUTIOUS.   Our students will be REQUIRED to follow these safety measures to enter the studio:

- Daily temperature/symptom checks (DO NOT send your child to class if they are sick...schedule a makeup class instead)

- Since we must limit the number of people in our building, we would prefer that parents check their children in at the door.  

- Hand sanitize upon entrance/exit

- Classes/groups will remain small

- Students must bring their own water bottles

- Students must stay in their own designated area and remain AT LEAST 6 feet apart from others 

- Students, parents, and teachers must provide and wear a mask/face covering when inside the building

- Parents are welcome to log on to our ZOOM classroom during their child's class if they desire (just let us know so we can open that option up for you), but visitors will not be allowed in our classrooms, as we must limit the number of people allowed in each room.

- All parents must sign a Covid-19 Assumption of the Risk & Waiver of Liability for their child upon returning to in-person learning. Here is our Summer Class Schedule.  

* indicates new or changed classes for in-person learning

Monday 4-5 pm Tumbling/ Jazz (Ages 7-10 yrs)  Monday 4-5 pm Tumbling/ Jazz (11+ Int/Adv)  Monday 5-6:30 pm Ballet/ Ballet Co (11+ Int/Adv)-- Levels 5/6 Monday 6:30-7:30 pm Tap/ Tap Co (11+ Int/Adv) * Tuesday 4-5 pm Ballet/Jazz (Ages 7-10 yrs)-- Levels 3/4

* Tuesday 4-5 pm Teen Beginner Ballet/Jazz (11+ yrs) Tuesday 5-6 pm Vocal (Ages 6+ yrs) Tuesday 6-7:30 pm "Greatest Show" Rehearsal * Wednesday 3:30-4 pm POINTE (Ages 12+) Wednesday 4-5 pm Ballet/Jazz (11+ yrs Int/Adv)-- Levels 5/6 * Wednesday 5-6 pm Int/Adv Vocal and Dance Company (8+ yrs)  Wednesday 6-7:30 pm "High School Musical" Thursday 4-5 pm "Descendants" Mini Musical  Thursday 5-6 pm Ballet/Jazz (4-7 yrs)-- Levels 2/3 * Thursday 6-6:30 Tap (ages 5-9) Thursday 6-6:45 pm Family Tap (Ages 8+ yrs)  Friday 9:30-10:30 am Ballet/Tumbling/Music (Ages 18 mo-4 yrs) Friday 10:30-11 am Tap (Ages 2-5 yrs)  Friday 11-12 pm Ballet/Tumbling/Music (Ages 4-7 yrs-- Levels 1/2) Friday 4-5:30 pm "MULAN" Friday 5:30-6:30 pm Vocal (6+ yrs)  We want everyone to be safe and feel comfortable. Your children will be in a very controlled and sanitized enviornment.  We want to make sure we can accommodate the needs of ALL of our students, without alienating anyone. The safety of our students, teachers, and families is our biggest priority! We are all in this together!   

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