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Red Chairs


Audition Prep and
Self T ape

Preparing for an audition?

  • Theatre production

  • Broadway Show

  • Film

  • TV

  • Commercial

  • School Musical

  • Talent Show

  •  Competition

  • Monologue

Let us help you prepare!

Private coaching and

Self-Tape Services are available.

Film Reels

Acting and Musical Theatre Coaching

Become a great storyteller!

Learn about Character Breakdowns, Beats, Emotions, Improvisation, Blocking, and Script Analysis. Learn all about stage acting and film acting.  Perform your favorite scenes, monologues, and/or musical theatre songs as you work to strengthen your craft.


  • Business Consulting for Studio Owners

  • Business Consulting for Dance, Voice, and Theatre Instructors


  • Signature Coaching Programs and Curriculum for studios worldwide

  • Design ideas for new and existing studio spaces and theatres.


Do you want to become a professional Actor, Singer, Dancer, or Performer?


Teresa can evaluate your skills and help you spruce up your resume. She will teach you the steps necessary to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry (Stage, Film, and TV), and give you suggestions on what you need to do to reach your goals.

Performance Coaching=

Skills Coaching

+ Career Coaching

+ Empowerment Coaching

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