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Red Chairs



Become a great storyteller!

Learn about Character Breakdowns, Beats, Emotions, Improvisation, Blocking, and Script Analysis.  Learn all about stage acting and film acting.  Perform scenes and monologues as you work to strengthen your craft.

Film Reels

Musical Theater


(Sing, Dance, and Act.)

Lessons include vocal, acting, and dance training. 

Students get to choose and prepare their favorite musical theatre scenes/songs for performance.

Audition Prep and Self Tape

Preparing for an audition?

Need help with a Self -Tape?

  • School Musical

  • Talent Show

  •  Competition

  • Theatre production

  • Broadway Show

  • Monologue

  • Film

  • TV

  • Commercial

Let us help you prepare!

Private coaching and

Self-Tape Services are available.


Do you want to become a professional Actor, Singer, Dancer, or Performer?


We can evaluate your skills and help you spruce up your resume. We will teach you the steps necessary to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry (Stage, Film, and TV), and give you suggestions on what you need to do to reach your goals.

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