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Virtual and In-Person options available

(Based in Los Angeles, but may be willing to travel)

Step Into Your Spotlight

And Create the Life You Want To Live!

Empowerment Coaching:

(For Children, Teens, and Adults)

  • "Step Into Your Spotlight" Signature Coaching Program

  • Success Strategies

  • Parent/Child/Teen Empowerment

  • Patient Empowerment: Living With a Chronic Illness

Performance Coaching for Entertainers:

(Skills Coaching + Empowerment Coaching + Career Coaching)

  • Singers

  • Actors

  • Dancers

  • Performers


Skills Coaching:

(For All Ages and Ability Levels)

  • Vocal Performance (Singing)

  • Musical Theatre

  • Acting

  • Ballet/Pointe

  • Tap Dancing

  • Jazz

  • Lyrical

  • Choreography

  • Audition Preparation

  • Self-Tape Services

Business Consulting:

  • Career Coaching (for Singers, Actors, Dancers, and Performers)

  • For Dance Studio Owners

  • For Dance, Vocal, Acting/Theatre Instructors

  • Set-Up/Design consulting for new and existing studios and theatres

Other Services Available:

(Based in Los Angeles, but may be willing to travel)

  • Private Coaching

  • Group/Team Coaching

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Performances

  • Masterclasses

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Conferences

  • Conventions

  • Retreats

  • Luncheons

  • Schools

  • Parties

  • Benefits/Fundraisers

  • Support Groups

  • Special Events

  • Curriculum

  • Books

What do clients have to say?

“I have known Teresa since 1993 when my daughter started taking dance classes at Spotlight Performers in Colorado. Teresa's amazing ability to instill confidence in children and her exceptional expertise in her field have always been held in such high regard by the people whose lives she has deeply impacted/affected/touched over the years. I have kept in touch with Teresa, and now my granddaughters take voice lessons online with Miss Teresa, again benefitting from her guidance as she builds their self-esteem, coaching them to address both their strengths and weaknesses, and ALWAYS affirming their uniqueness and self-worth every step of the way.”

-Lin D.

“I've known Teresa, owner of Spotlight Performers, for 22 years. Her performing program was instrumental in shaping my daughter's success. Beyond dance skills, Teresa instilled values like perseverance, social skills, and organization. My daughter became a professional ballet dancer; today she's a data scientist. I credit Teresa for her strong start. I wholeheartedly recommend Spotlight Performers under Teresa's guidance to any parent seeking a nurturing and enriching environment for their child's growth and development."

-Zwilda W.

“Ms. Teresa has been an amazing teacher for our daughter over the past 10 years. Her knowledge and expertise in dance, musical theatre and vocal are unparalleled. In addition to performance technique, she also teaches empathy, compassion and how to be a good human. We are so grateful for her guidance, and she has equipped our daughter with the skills needed to compete at a very high level.”

-Sarah T

“My child has been coached by Ms. Teresa for over 8 years.  From a toddler tap class to full on theater production classes to private singing and confidence building mentoring sessions.  Ms. Teresa does it all with ease and by far brings out the best in each student.  Ms. Teresa treats all the students with respect, kindness, professionalism, and lots of heart.  Their success in any aspect of life - not just singing, acting, or getting the position - is her goal. With Ms. Teresa’s guiding, my child has gone from a shy 4yr old to a strong confident individual who can gladly dance with two left feet, sing with a huge smile, nail the best laugh in the production as the villain, and more importantly, know that they are confident in themselves to take on the tough challenges in life.  We cannot say enough wonderful things about Ms. Teresa and what her skills give to the world in person or by zoom.”

-Cecile C.

“Miss Teresa has always supported all children no matter their challenges.  Every child is valued and deserves a chance to thrive. Teresa sees the best in people and does not judge or stereotype anyone. Teresa’s values and morals are set at the highest level and she is an inspiration to all that know her. Through her work and challenges she’s overcome, Teresa has set an example of determination and perseverance we should all aspire to.  She’s a wonderful role model to all the people she’s taught over the years, kids and adults alike.”
-Lisa P.

Please contact us at 435-632-0614 
for scheduling options,
, and fees.

Services are individualized
to meet the needs of each client.


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