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"From One Stage To The Next" eBook DOWNLOAD

"From One Stage To The Next" eBook DOWNLOAD

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Teresa Hill-Putnam is the Owner and Director of Spotlight Performing Arts Center, a performing arts school for children. She directs classes, workshops, motivational lectures, goal setting seminars, performances, and productions on a regular basis.  Teresa is a single mother of three children, an author, and a successful business owner.  Teresa has learned that there are no problems in life that cannot be overcome.  In this book, Teresa shares her experiences from the death of her best friend, her abusive first marriage, her premature babies, her diagnosis of a chronic neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis, her divorce, and her financial turmoil. Teresa teaches and demonstrates the joys and POSITIVE THINKING can have in helping to overcome obstacles as they arise.  


132 pages eBook (published in 2012)

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