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"The Script of Life" eBook DOWNLOAD

"The Script of Life" eBook DOWNLOAD


After Owning/Directing a successful Performing Arts School for over 35 years, Teresa Hill-Putnam is now a Performing Arts Industry Consultant.  Over the years, she has directed over 1,500 productions, and has helped hundreds of students develop their talents and follow their dreams.  Teresa offers private training for Singers, Actors, and Dancers. In addition, she is a writer, Life & Wellness Coach, and Motivational Speaker.  She is the creator of the "Overcoming Obstacles Through Positive Thinking" podcast and has even been featured in several documentaries.  Since life is unscripted, we all need a script to help us stay focused.  This "Script of Life" is a combination of important quotes, saying, concepts, and ideas that will give you direction and keep you grounded.  You will learn how to better overcome obstacles through positive thinking, be the change you wish to see in the world, and make the world a better place.


108 page ebook (published in 2023)

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